What’s in A Name?

Starting a blog is a bit intimidating for me. I want it to look interesting. I want it to have some “infotainment” value. I want it to express myself, and be supportive of others. The writing part is easy, that comes very naturally for me. However, the visual stuff is another story. I’ll try this look, or that look. Tweaking, and sifting to try to figure out how to put up a picture banner (haven’t figured it out yet).  All in the name of…..well, there we have it. My biggest sticking point: A name. I would love some catchy phrase or some such. I want it to speak to the fact that I am a cancer survivor. I want it to note my quirky sense of humor. I want it to grab someone’s attention so that others find interest in this blog.

I’m not sure how to title it and be able to have different types of writings (i.e. subjects of cancer, animals, life, what have you). I am still trying to figure out how it all works. I have seen how some others do it; I am just not sure how to pull it all together for myself.


I think it’s cheesy for me to put my own name, and then just have the different categories. Ideally that would work. It just seems, well, not me.  I want the average reader searching through the blog sites to find me, see what I am about and go “gee, I wonder what she has to say.” Isn’t that what all bloggers want?

I want my blog to send people researching, open doors of conversation, encourage action. I know it all starts with content, with writing. Letting the words spill out. Letting go, and letting flow.

So, as I enjoy getting feedback so that I can make it better, here are some ideas I am putting forth to ask your opinions on what would make a good blog title.

      My Cancer Life

      Creating My Best Life

      Finding My New Normal

      Cancer Schmancer

      A Piece of Me and A Peace of Me

      Quit Busting My Balloons

      Pillow Fluffing

      Just Breathe

      Finding Time To Heal

Let me know what you think. If you can think of something that fits me better, I am all ears!


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