On the Road Again 01 Dec 11

     I am thrilled to be taking a trip. It’s a combo vacation, house/area hunt for our new duty station, and hopefully to visit family. We leave tomorrow. Although I am thrilled, I am a bit unhappy with a few things surrounding the trip.

     I am sick with a cold. Although the cold itself is no big deal, flying on a plane with one is. I have been forced to do so many times and the result is never good. Burst ear drums, bust blood vessels in the whites of my eyes (after that one I looked like I belonged in a horror movie), sinus infections, and raging headaches. I have learned over the years what to do to try to combat these inevitabilities, but he list is daunting considering I have to carry all the supplies in their properly labeled containers.

1)      Fliticasone, nasal spray, prescription

2)      Afrin, nasal spray, OTC

3)      Azythromyacin, antibiotic, prescription

4)      Advil Cold and Sinus, ORC

5)      Advil, OTC

6)      Zicam, OTC

7)      Echinacea, OTC

8)      Vit C, OTC

9)      Tons of Kleenex

10)   Wellbutrin, for hot flashes, Prescription

     These items will add a whole lot to my carryon bag in and of themselves, and will no doubt be searched just because of the number of them I have to bring. Ugh. Of course all the other passengers will love me for boarding a pressurized recycled air airplane for several hours blowing my sinuses to kingdom come. Perhaps, if the world is kind, I will be dry enough to not have to constantly blow my nose. Time will tell.

     I, of course, expect to go through airport security and get flagged for screening. My shoulder still hurts (thus why I am bringing the extra Advil), so having to hold my arms above my head will be so terribly uncomfortable and then to squeeze into the uncomfortable plane seat. Joy . But within a few hours, we will be in California, and starting our wonderful trip.

     I am thinking carefully about what to bring as I really would like to not have to check any bags, but very aware that anything I bring will undoubtedly still have to be carried by hubby as I can’t even carry my own purse for long, still. So out of consideration for dear hubby, I will probably just check a bag so I do not have to make a pack mule out of him. I’m sure he will appreciate that.

     Today will be spent getting everything ready for our absence. I need to write up detailed instructions for grandma who will be staying with the boys, much to their chagrin as they try to convince me they are responsible enough to stay by themselves. Although the boys are old enough, and I would trust them not to get into highjinxs, I cannot depend on them to care for the other lives in the house. I was gone for three days recently, and came home to find completely empty water bowls, and very thirsty critters. This time I am leaving a sick cat to be cared for. Sorry boys, you are not ready for that, yet.

     Wow, time is slipping away! It’s getting late, and I’ve not even begun to sort, organize, pack, or shop for the trip yet. I better get a move on!

     Have a great, and blessed day!



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