This blog note is about……I forgot.

One of the problems I have with my writing is that I always write these wonderful pieces in my head while I’m sleeping, showering, or driving, and by the time I get to the computer, or grab a pencil and paper, it’s all gone. I did that last night. It was a wonderful piece, about who knows what. But it was good. Oh, well. There is so much we don’t get written that is wonderful when we thought of it, and so much we write that goes in the bin. It’s interesting to me how it all works out that way.

It seems especially true when you are preengaged. Your thoughts are racing down a million avenues, some fascinating, some mundane. The trick is to make them all appear poetically on paper (or, these days, screen).  I found that my thoughts were hyper focused during my “cancer year”. All thoughts worked around cancer; what it was doing to my body, what it was doing to others, how it was affecting my family.  Now that I am past that dreadful year, thoughts are once again diversifying.

Currently my thoughts are centered on the upcoming move that is about six months out. There is so much to do, and totally not enough time to do it in, and my mind in on a super highway of anticipatory actions ahead of me. But what am I doing? Writing. It helps me calm, center, and focus. It is as helpful to me as running a mile. OK, walking a mile.

So when I am done with this piece, I will sit and make a master list of what I need to be doing within the next few months in order to sell this house, which is herculean task number one. I just need to keep the computer on for the next stroke of written brilliance to spring into my head, and hopefully I will get it written before it flies away like the butterfly of the menopausal brain it is.


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