Strength of Tea 20 Dec 11

I’m sick and tired of hearing about recurrences of cancer in people who have already fought so hard. I wish there was at least a way to suspend time, to allow them a vacation from this disease process. You have to wonder when these recurrences happen (and when they are found they have spread), if somehow treatment was ended too soon.

See, I missed the joys of any treatments beyond surgery. I have no idea what parameters they use in determining when you are cleared enough to stop treatment. Is there a test? Is it a guess? Is it to the tolerance of what the body can handle as far as treatments?

I find this all so frustrating, and I’m not even in treatment. I’m just tired of seeing family and friends have to go through this. Weathered bodies, weathered souls. So tired, trying to keep up the fight, day after day, treatment after treatment. I’m sure they are wondering: “When will it end?” I wish I knew. I know they wish they knew.

In the mean time, I pray for them, help when I can, and try to be an encouragement for them. At the same time, I still feel helpless. I also feel inspired at their resiliency of spirit and their attitudes so strong to keep fighting. Like bags of tea, we have no idea how strong we can become until we are steeped in hot waters….


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  1. Sharon

    Wow very powerful very true

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