Resolutions 27 Dec 11

As New Years approaches, I find myself wondering what I my resolutions should be. I have had the same resolution for years now, and I have yet to complete it.  I still try, every year. My goal? To read the Bible all the way through. I just can’t seem to get through it. I get caught up in trying to understand what I am reading, which anyone who has delved deep into the bible will tell you, is difficult. I cannot make sense of so much. I want to understand the culture, the traditions, the topography, the reasons why a passage is significant, etc.

How often do we get caught up in the details of our goals? How often do we let it delay us in our quests? Is it worth it? Do we need those details or will the outcome be the same regardless?

Perhaps we should consider this logic in working on deciding what was worth our time and talents.

In deciding what I should resolve to do this year, I think the top of my list is to not get caught in the details and keep my eyes on the prize. I’m curious where it will take me.


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  1. Gail Brandt

    I want to read it through, too, but also have the same problem, especially with the Old Testament. Check out They have apps for computer, iphone, android, etc. If you “fall off the trail”, it lets you do the “catch up” button and changes to today. You can select from several different types of plans. I started it in October, but need to Catch Up (again)!

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