11 Feb 12 My BMI is WHAT?

I stood on the scale the other day. I realized I needed to consult the dreaded BMI chart (Body Mass Index…the most scientific reality check to how fat you REALLY are). What I saw I did not like. I am just over the border from over weight (well, DUH) to obese (Excuse me??).

I don’t feel obese. I hardly feel over weight, although I know I am no longer a size 4. I have some bulges, but no real rolls. I can see my feet just fine, thanks. But I am obese. Really? OK, Not cool.

It struck me as odd that in years past when we think of someone going thru cancer, we think of gaunt, skeletal individuals, pale, bald, weak. These days, the picture is quite different. They now have good medicines to combat the nausea that accompanies many chemo meds. They also have steroids many are put on to also help combat other side effects.

So, these days, many battling cancer are still bald, still pale, still weak, but not thin. Now a days, many of us are gaining weight. Some by leaps and bounds. I know gals who gained 80 pounds or more during their battle.  As many of you know, I did not have chemo, but I have not been immune to weight issues as a result of my cancer.

When I was so sick with the infections I had, I couldn’t move much. I gained just due to immobility. About the time I started regaining mobility, I had my hysterectomy, and all the plumbing removed. I was stunned to suddenly have a belly; a real, unwanted belly. It has not gone down, not gone away, and it came with 10 friends who can be measured upon the scale.

I feel as if I am being invaded. Not by cancer cells, but by fat cells. Slowly they come. Forever they stay. I will need to be serious about starting to watch not only what I eat, but how much. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat if you still eat too much. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

I have taken a nutrition class. I know what I am doing wrong. I also know that I really need help with all this. My resolve is weak right now because I am tired of fighting so many battles right now (in case you didn’t know we are in the middle of a remodel on the house, quickly followed by putting the house on the market). I live with three stick figures who can’t gain weight when they are trying. They are admittedly not in the mood to “watch what they eat”. They are in need of some serious milk shakes. I am in some serious need of some weight loss shakes.

Many of us are in the same boat. It’s another insult to injury as far as I am concerned. Such is life, suck it up (and suck it in), and go on. I have to figure out what works for me on this particular road. Anyone care to join me?



  1. Katie O'Berry

    I feel your pain, being 5foot 4 inches tall and considered morbidly obese. I don’t think that way when I look in the mirror. When I look in the mirror I see someone who doesn’t look terrible or even bad,but then I will look at a picture that someone has taken of me and I cringe in horror! Pictures are worth a thousand words, so why don’t I see in the mirror what I see in the picture? Wishful thinking? Insecurity, so I see what I want to see? Something that I can live with? Bad genes? Two of my sisters and my mother was overweight, so it runs in the family and isn’t my fault? Even my husband will say that I don’t overeat or even eat that much so what’s the deal? Kudos to my husband who will say he likes those extra curves and having something good to hold onto. Got to love a man who loves a woman with curves. Maybe unless you think he’s just paying you lip service so he can still see some action later on.

    I hate the governments BMI and recommended weights for people at each age and height. I find a lot of it to be unrealistic. They say my husband shouldn’t weigh more then 185 (which he weighed at 18 and he’s now 41!) He’s in the 200+ category now and it’s not unreasonable in my book for a man of his age. He works out 2 or more times a day. He watches what he eats (sometimes) and he drinks a ton of water. It’s like after you reach over 30 the weight doesn’t just melt off anymore but adds up despite all your best efforts. Fight the good fight for all of us sarah and prove you can win at the weight game over age 40 despite what the stats say about it being impossible.

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