24 Feb 12 Hoping for Coffee


Sometimes hope is in the small things. Hope is those little glimmers outside of all the big things around us that help to keep us going. Hope is finding the coffee freshly made in the office the morning you were running late, and you didn’t have to do it. Hope is in seeing the kindness of a stranger who actually does hold the door open for you.

These are hope, because we regularly, subliminally, ask for these things. “I hope someone else made the coffee this morning, I’m late!” OR “I hope he holds the door, my hands are full today!” Hope.

It’s simple, it’s small, and it’s something that can help give us warm fuzzies when our hopes are fulfilled. Besides, it’s nice to have the small hopes that occasionally come to fruition when on the large scale we are hoping for things like “I hope this test comes back that it is NOT cancer.” OR “I hope I got the job.”

To me, this ties into my belief (for myself) of how to overcome depression. It’s in the small things. The little every day, forgotten and overlooked blessings we get every day.

Clean water to drink.

Heat during the winter.

Clothes to wear.

These are seemingly small things we have that we totally take for granted, until we don’t have them. We forget that millions of people all over the world don’t have them. We can be grateful. Oddly enough, we can be hopeful as well, even though it is something we expect to take place. After all, we do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Just ask those who have lived through a natural disaster. Those hopes are suddenly big things because they truly don’t know if they will get water, heat, clothing, or even food. Chances are, we will get up tomorrow to a heated house, get some clean water for the coffee maker, and get dressed. That doesn’t mean we can’t be hopeful that is how our morning will start, because then we are grateful when it did start that way.

I hope you enjoy reading this, and can feel uplifted for your day, even if the day isn’t going as you planned. What are you hopeful for?


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