28 Mar 12 The Good, Bad and Ugly

Stress is a funny beast. Whether it is good stress (such as getting married, or having a baby), or bad stress (such as moving or a cancer diagnosis), stress can take its toll on our bodies. We can get irritable, tired, depressed, irritable, and irritable. Yes, I meant to put that 3 times. I do get quite irritable when I am under a great deal of stress. Today is a stress of good things and bad things. So much so, I really don’t know which way to turn.

On the good stress, it looks like we may have finally found a house in California, and locked in a contract. This is great because the market out there has been insane with very few houses to choose from, and they all were going so fast that we were not able to get bids in before they were gone. I am not as stressed about selling the house we are in as long as I know we have someplace to move into when the time comes.

The bad stressors of the day are that we are finding out we have to pour more money into the house for it to sell well, and that a friend of mine just found out she has cancer.

I am so tired of hearing of others getting cancer. I am especially sad to hear that friends have to travel this road as well. In the least, I hope I can be available to help lead them through the process while giving them the encouragement to understand that a diagnosis of cancer is not an automatic death sentence.

So please forgive my grumpiness, it is to be expected on a day like today, and I promise to be easy on you when you have these days as well.


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