11 Apr 12 Part of the Process

I feel sequestered into isolation with all the house stuff going on. I spend the majority of my day scrambling around making sure the house is ready to show. I fret every dirty dish, and every dust bunny is banished to the bin. All mirrors are free of water spots, and faucets shiny and sparkling.

Yet I have not gone out for coffee with a friend for a few weeks now. See, this is the difference with me. To me, a spotless house happens when you are selling, when there is stress, when there is a reason. To me, a spotless house means I have taken time away from friends, from relationships, to clean things. I have an issue with that.

Now, I am not bashing those who value a clean house, I am stating that I am not one of them. Cleaning is the bane of my existence as far as I am concerned. If I wanted a clean house, I would not have kids, pets, or a spouse, nor would I ever invite anyone over. That is just me.

So although the house looks fabulous, I feel terribly alone. I know that this is for a time, and the ends will justify the means. This is part of the moving process. It is not joyous to partake in the sale of the house. I consider it a necessary evil.

So what do I do for my sanity? Mostly I keep the radio on, and spend a good deal of time on the back porch since the weather is so nice. Today I have some plants to plant and water. I research things I will need to find in the new neighborhood, and think about organizing how to get the family, pets and multiple cars out to California.

Unpleasantness occurs in life. We have to remember that there are those times in life that are unavoidable. That being said, they are also temporary. Things change. They always change. For good or for bad, they change, and then they change again. It is the ebb and flow of life. Embrace the adventures, every one has a lesson to teach.

I think this lesson is teaching me perseverance, and also to push myself beyond what I think I am capable of. I sure haven’t let myself down yet!


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