18 Apr 2012 Inconvenienced


I have decided I like this move about as much as I liked cancer. It is not my worse move, but it is a definite second. I find I can actually draw a lot of parallels between the two, thus my dislike for the current situation. There are similar basic things happening that have led me to this conclusion.

First, both situations control my life. For the cancer it was all my doctor’s appointments, and surgeries. They were planned for me, I had little to no say in any of it. I was just told where to be when. Same for showings. The 330-SHOW number poops up, and I now go “Oh, no…” because I know I am about to be majorly inconvenienced again. (Here I will caveat that at least I AM getting those calls) Then I get asked if a certain time works for me the same way the Dr’s office does: either way, do I really have a choice?

Second, needles. The first set are the hypodermic needles used for IV, medication administration, shots, and filling of the implants. The second set are several sets of claws flailing like a whirling dervish as I once again have to scoop up the unwilling cats and shove them, against their banshee screaming will, into their miniature jail cells for another 1-3 hour sentence. I have those needle tracks all up and down my arms.

Third, I have to do a lot of things that infringe on my time related to the circumstances. No coffee with friends for me. With the cancer is was not only doctor’s appointments, but also physical therapy, stretching, hurting from all the things I had to do to feel better (hurting to feel better? Um, yes, actually…), With house I am constantly cleaning, which those of you who know me, know I do only grudgingly, and minimally as I consider the process a waste of my time . Whose dying words are “I wished I would have kept a cleaner house”? I now have tendonitis in my elbow from cleaning all the time as well. Consequently, I have not been free for coffee with my friends who I will be leaving because I am stuck cleaning the flippin house.

Fourth, money. Now I admit we have good insurance, not everyone does. I thank heavens that we do, because the house is sucking us dry. We have socked thousands upon thousands of dollars into this house since we moved in, and especially the last six months. Inevitably, a buyer will come in, ignore ALL the work we have put into it, and say “I don’t like the carpet”. Either way, there goes a chunk of savings out the window that, thanks to the current economy, we will never get back.

I want to go have coffee with my friends. I want to go visit certain relatives before we move. I want my freedom back. I want (ding, ding, ding) control of my own life.

Wait, didn’t I already decide control was an illusion? Oh, yes I did. *Sigh*…OK, back to work. I have two showings today beginning in an hour. Time to clean….again.


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