20 Apr 2012 Fresh Starts

     OK, so yesterday, I griped and complained, and whined about why selling the house was like my cancer journey. Today I will again tell you how it is like my cancer journey, but in a good way.

When you are selling a house, you are forced to go through the entire house and re-examine everything you have kept all these years. The amount of junk you have to go through is often directly proportional to the number of times moved. The more you move, the more you go through stuff. Often we accumulate more stuff as we age, and then, at some point (the point of kids moving out? retirement?), we sit down and do as deep examine of everything and go from “Keep, throw” to “Why should I keep this?”

We do the same with cancer. We re-examine our lives and take a good hard look at our relationships, the commitments in our lives, the material things, and we consider what our hopes and dreams are that we may have not yet fulfilled. When we have had time smack us in the face like a clock in fast forward, we start to sift and decide what is really worth our time and effort. What commitments are just not worth it anymore? What relationships only drain us? Why did we choose the things we did? What do we still want to do with our lives?

With the moving process, we get into the mindset that this is a temporary unpleasantness; That there is a new horizon on the other end. New adventures, new relationships are peeking around the corner, waiting to welcome us into our new lives. There will be changes. Nothing will be the same: New house, new places to put things, new friendships, new neighbors, new climates, new activities, and new jobs. Although that is stressful, it is also a grand new adventure in which to rediscover who you are.

That grand new adventure happens post cancer, too. Everything has changed. Nothing is the same. That does not make it bad. It just makes it different. Yes, we have to readjust, but it is another grand new adventure to embark on to rediscover who we are.

Life is good, and worth re-examining. Go through your life. Decide what is important to take with you from now on. Start your grand new adventure!


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