Monthly Archives: May, 2012

29 May 12 Deer Me

  Each time I was pregnant with my boys, I had difficulties. I almost lost them. Not once, but multiple times, to preterm labor. We lived in Colorado Springs at the time, and the hospital we had to use as an Air Force family, was at the Air Force Academy, a thirty minute drive away. …

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21 May 12 When Life Gets Busy

When life gets busy, OK, busier than usual, it is very easy to forget to sit down and breathe. I realized this morning that I have been doing just that. As we are in the process of moving, and all that entails, I have not been writing, which is the main way I process many …

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05 May 12 Dante’s Inferno

  Interestingly enough, spring is much, much hotter this year. It’s more humid, and uncomfortable, and the heat is making it impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Air conditioning seems to be on the fritz, and I have no idea if it will ever work efficiently again. Considering I love the heat, I am …

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