05 May 12 Dante’s Inferno


Interestingly enough, spring is much, much hotter this year. It’s more humid, and uncomfortable, and the heat is making it impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Air conditioning seems to be on the fritz, and I have no idea if it will ever work efficiently again.

Considering I love the heat, I am really surprised at this turn of events in my tolerance. I am still finding ways to combat the heat. I have every single fan in the house on at all times, and last night I had a real first: I stuck my head in the freezer for at least 5 minutes, and refused to budge, even for the boys to put away the milk. It seemed to be the only place I could find relief. Even that wasn’t quite enough. I am seriously considering buying a walk in freezer. May be I should apply to work at a butcher shop, or the meat department at the local grocery store? Perhaps I could work in the dairy department?

Cooking anything in the kitchen feels like I have entered Dante’s inferno. I think tonight’s dinner should consist of Gazpacho, ice tea, and ice cream. We have frozen Pizza. Who says it has to be cooked first?

I have ordered a new bathing suit from Land’s End. They have a new mastectomy line of swim wear that covers all the scars, and does not have underwire. I am excited to try it out in my new (cold) pool when we move. I am wishing the pools here were open already so I could go cool off in this unbearable heat. I was a bit unsure about buying a house with a pool, and now I can’t wait to jump in.

I never realized 72 could feel this hot, unless it was in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

As I stick my head back in the freezer, one thought occurs to me: How long does menopause last?


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