21 May 12 When Life Gets Busy

When life gets busy, OK, busier than usual, it is very easy to forget to sit down and breathe. I realized this morning that I have been doing just that. As we are in the process of moving, and all that entails, I have not been writing, which is the main way I process many emotions. Oh, I have done a ton of writing in my head, but it has not made it to pen and paper, (OK keyboard and ink) so in a way, it doesn’t count. This entry will be almost an amalgamation of those writings I didn’t get out.

The air was filled with tassels and silly string. On May 12th, 2012 my oldest son graduated on a beautiful, warm, sunny Saturday morning with about 200 of his closest high school chums. OK, well, that is an exaggeration, he wasn’t close to many of them, but I did recognize about 10 of them that I knew he was friends with.

I am not one of those “out-of-touch with my kids” moms, it is just that my sons are quiet, introverts who do not socialize much at all outside the classroom. I look at myself, and I wonder how they could have remained so introverted since I am flamboyantly extroverted, but then I sigh, and look at my dear recluse of a husband. They are just like him.

Either way, it was a great ceremony. It turned out that Bellevue East High School’s rivalry with Bellevue West extended even to the graduation. The challenge (much to the delight of the attendees) was who could get done with the ceremony faster. They were both at the same time on the same day. West won by five minutes. The only difference being that our valedictorian went long. That’s alright, it was a good speech.

There were several families where (for whatever reasons) they had family at both high schools. That was an unfortunate dilemma as they had to choose which ceremony to attend since they were concurrent. That being said, both were broadcast live online, so ideally both could be watched/recorded for posterity.

The next weekend, one of my closest friends, and closest from high school came to visit with her family from out of town. It was a fun, relaxing weekend spend enjoying the zoo, good food, and good company. It was one of those types of weekends you wished you could do more often.

We also got a bit of a disturbing call as well. Our caller ID came up as “Unavailable” so we ignored it. The recorder came on and an automated voice claimed to be from the fraud department at our bank. Assuming it was a scam, we deleted it. We forgot about it, until a duplicate call came in. This time we called in. Several charges have been withdrawn from our account totaling several hundred dollars. Of course all of this came to light at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday night, after the banks had closed. We were able to put our card on hold, and freeze the account. I went into the bank today. It turned out to be our son’s account (he had lost his card, and had not realized it). We straightened out what was what, and put a fraud alert on the account, and reordered a new card. Crisis averted (mostly). We are not sure if he will get any of the money back or not, but t was a tough lesson learned.

A little over a week ago, we finalized the purchase of our new house, and finalized the contract on the sale of our current one. The purchase went smoothly, the contract stuff has not. After putting about $30k into the house since January, and being grossly underbid, they insisted we fix $2,000 more of “safety issues” that were not true safety issues, but really more maintenance issues. We came really close to cancelling the contract with them (and in hind sight I almost wish we did), however, our exhaustion over constantly showing the house won out. We are in the process of fixing the aging deck, and putting in a Radon venting system. Neither were problems that could not have been moved in with and just fix over the course of a year or two. Whatever. However, we now are not going to have the money to professionally clean the carpets, clean the house, or just general little stuff we planned to do for the new family. Oh, well. It was their decision, not ours. I realize the economy isn’t that great, but we do feel like we were taken advantage of. They also tried to make us replace the remaining aged windows. Did it not occur to them after all the work we had done that if we had the money, we would have done that already?

Within a month all this will be behind us. We are prepping, packing, sorting, tossing, selling, and tying up loose ends. In the midst of it all, my book should finally be out in paperback before we move.

Oh, and I participated in “Confidence Week” with Land’s End by being photographed in a bathing suit and being put on their Facebook page. Several of us survivors participated. It is both thrilling and mortifying at the same time as I have never been heavier. But, I am here. I am alive, I am once again healthy. I am confident. And that was the point. It will come out sometime this week.



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