22June 12 Time

My family, pets included, survived the move with some extra help from some of our parents. It was an interesting three day drive with a whining dog in one car, a screaming cat in another, and one car was without animals so as to give some sanity to the rest of us. We swapped out a lot.

Now, something is wrong. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is wrong. I am sitting here, unhurried, surrounded by unpacked boxes, and half put away items and something is wrong. What is this thing that is happening where I can hear the birds singing again? What is this thing where I can sit and finish a cup of coffee? What is this thing where I am sitting here typing?

Oh, yes. Time. I once again have time. For now I have a completely wide open schedule. There is a big fat nothing on my calendar that I am committed to from this day forward  until next month.

I am trying to remember to allow this time, and just relax, breathe, and not try too hard. I’ve met the neighbors, but have no need to throw a big “get to know me” party or anything. I would, I admit, like to do a coffee, but not now. For now I want to relax, walk the dog, write, catch up with life, and enjoy the pool. I still haven’t decided whether I like it or not except on hot days.

For now I will revel in the knowledge that my time is once again my own. Time to breathe, regroup, and to plan what is next.


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