09 July 12 Take these pills


As a cancer veteran, there are many things that happen to our bodies. As we age, there are many things that happen to our bodies. Sometimes one causes the other. Other times it is just a coincidence. These variables make it difficult at times to correctly identify and treat some of these odd-ball symptoms we get. I have one of those going on right now.

I have nerve pain in my feet. They always feel as if I am walking on lava rocks. I am on medication to help the pain, and it is definitely not enough. Were I to take more medication, I would jeopardize my liver and kidneys. The doctors still have not yet been able to figure out what is going on.

No, I am not diabetic. No, I do not have plantar fasciitis. No, it is not from the chemo meds that I did not even take. I have been dealing with this for a year, and it is only getting worse. Today I plan to go in to a Chiropractor. I am also considering acupuncture. The next step after these, if they do not work, is to see a neurologist and start having some of the not so fun tests, and start researching some of the not so fun possibilities (such as tumors, and MS, et al…).

This is a time where advocating for yourself becomes really important. This is especially true now for me. See, we moved, which means I get to find all new doctors. Actually, the military assigns me new doctors. The problem with the military system is that they so not have many specialists for these kinds of things, and there are so few specialists that it can take months to get an appointment only to be told “So, you’ve been having these symptoms for a year now. OK, here, take these pills, and try them for three months, and then we shall see where we are. “

I get out of the office, and notice all I have been given is Tylenol, which I am allergic to. This has happened to me more than once. That scares me. I do not need to be prescribed medications I am allergic to. I do not need to be told to wait and see if it gets better. I do not need a doctor telling me that lump is nothing and to watch it for a year, even after it grows. I need doctors I trust and have faith in. If I do not trust my doctors, I am not likely to do what they prescribe, am I?

Thus the search for a doctor who is close, knows a lot of good specialists, and one I trust. Of course, they also have to carry my insurance too. This process is fraught with frustration, anxiety, and just a bit of knuckle-biting.

Just another of the necessary evils of moving.


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