13 Sept 2012 So Tired

Well, that explains a lot…. It is easy to explain every malady away on a side effect of cancer, or the meds we are put on. It is an easy connection. However, it is not always right. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism yesterday. It is a hormonal imbalance, as if I needed more of that on top of my instant menopause…

I knew you could be tired and gain weight with this, but that was about all I knew. I had been tested several times, always negative until this last one. I was probably “subclinical”. That means I had it, but the tests gave a false negative. Remember, medicine is not a perfect science!

I was having other issues that I was also attributing to the cancer. My hair changed texture. It went from beautifully soft to feeling as if I had it bleached. My finger nails which used to be so strong break very easily, and are very brittle. The brain fog? It very well might be the hypothyroidism. That would actually be nice because I was really worried about the fact that I was still dealing with it so badly 2 years after my mastectomies, and I didn’t even have the chemo or radiation.

Be aware of your body. There are other things besides cancer we might get to deal with. Mention everything unusual to your Dr. This particular problem seems to be manageable with a single pill. Provided I can tolerate this medication, we will be good.

Since my mom had thyroid cancer, I will be tested for that as well. Now, most of the time, you get HYPERthyroidism with thyroid cancer, so I am not expecting there to be an issue, but I would rather be safe. I get an ultrasound next week. Interesting. I have never had an ultrasound of my neck before.

I am still being tested for the wonderful headaches which have been going on for 4 weeks now, as well as the feet issue (which might be cause by the hormone issue!). It will be interesting to see how things go once the medications are in place, and doing their job of properly regulating my system. I presume this will be an interesting road, and will not be in place over night.

Until then, I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief at having some answers.


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