16 Sept 2012 Acut-…Clari-….Simple Thinking.


Loss of mental acuity can be rather frustrating, and quite disturbing. One day you are spouting off the properties of chemical compounds (if that’s your thing), and the next day it feels like you can’t remember what H2O is, or it’s uses. Alzheimers is just one of the reasons for loss of mental thoughts, er… processes….er…acuity. Cancer’s notorious chemo brain is another, and, as I recently found out, so is hypothyroidism. Interesting.

I have noticed that my brain function is definitely not what it used to be. It’s embarrassing, frankly. Being well spoken and well written has always been very important to me. The fact that I can do neither well these days is disconcerting.


I have always had a love affair of sorts with words. I love to learn new words. I love using long words that confound those around me, and send them to the dictionary app on their phones to devise the meaning of what I just said and decide if it was a compliment or an insult.  I can’t do that right now. I have trouble remembering simple things that I should remember. Things like names, places, instructions, and I can’t remember the breeds of cats anymore. What a travesty!

Coming to grips with these realities, and hoping they are temporary, has been quite a road to be on. Knowing that in social situations, those who do not know me night think I am, well, in need of a bit of extra supervision. The thoughts in my head do not match those coming out of my mouth, and suddenly realizing I am quite lost in a neighborhood I knew well can be unsettling to say the least.

I have decided that this is another one of those times to just breathe, relax, and remember that this is out of my control. I always have been a bit “off”, and those who know me can see the change. They are supportive, and help me laugh it off. That’s really all that can be done.

Now what was I talking about just now?


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