02 October 2012 Would You Like To Round Up?


Well, it’s October again, where I got to be constantly reminded that I had breast cancer.

One of the stages we went through in recovery (a very normal, and real stage), is that we got sick and tired of the constant reminders. Those who coined the term “Pink Washing” to describe their discontent of all the pink in October were probably in this stage. You see, we went through a lot in our cancers. We had surgeries, treatments, medicines that sometimes made you feel worse than the disease. After wards, we had to reinvent ourselves from the inside out. We were not the ones we used to be.

As we began to find our new normals, and start to feel good about ourselves and our road again, suddenly good ole October rolls around, and everywhere we looked, we were reminded.

This year, I was at that stage. I actually got ticked off at the cashier when he asked me if I wanted to round up to donate to breast cancer research. Here is the kicker: We knew it is for a good cause. We ARE the good cause. But after awhile we got tired of being reminded of that.

We were living our new normal. We didn’t want our new normals to have anything to do with cancer. We just needed to breathe for awhile without having the disease constantly rammed down our throats. We’ve been there, done that, and really don’t want to go there again.

So, this October, I get to be the one who is sick of “Pink Washing”. Leave me out of it this year, please. I just want a chance to do the impossible: to forget.


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