21 October 12 Vegas, Baby!


What an interesting time of choices and consequences of choices. The next two weeks will be very interesting, indeed. My son, C, turns 17 soon. He, like my husband, doesn’t think birthdays are a big deal (not even the presents). Something I just do not understand as I love birthdays (even if I forget everyone’s unless they are standing in from of me).

Soon hubby will be deploying again, and there will be lonely nights, even with a full (of cats) bed.

My wonderful friends at the FieldHaven Feline Rescue have asked me to go with them to a conference in Vegas.

Here is the rub….they are all coinciding. The conference will be over C’s birthday, so by going, I miss it. Hubby will be prepping to go right soon after I get back. I’ve never been to something like this. I don’t feel that I can pass it up. C has already encouraged me to go, as well as hubby.

Yet I still feel guilty. I suppose I really shouldn’t as we have celebrated so many special days, not ON the special day. This would be nothing new. It is just new that the postponement is due to me.

Really, there are no bad consequences to going, just results of the choices I make. I think sometimes we lose sight of that. No matter what I choose, the world will not fall apart. It will continue to wobble on its axis. The possible result that carries the most weight is to go to the conference and learn.




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