21 Nov 12 Routines

Some routines are just better than others. Some come so naturally, some require constant reminders to self. One of my routines that I really didn’t think of as  a tried and true routine is to come down in the morning, grab coffee, feed the critters, and hop onto the computer.

Our new house is configured so differently than our old one. In our old house, the computer was basically in the family room. Not the best spot, but I was around everyone, and knew all that was going on in the house. Here, it is sequestered to the extra room. Now, this  room gets a lot of use, just not really by me. It is at the far end of the house, and is away from everyone and every thing.

My new laptop, which I bought so that I can be more portable with writing my book, and skype, allows me to have the computer in the kitchen without taking up too much space. It is fast, convenient and I am in the middle of it all. It’s perfect. When I need to use the printer or desk top, I run up to the extra room, but do not have to stay for long.

So, now I can sit, write, have coffee, and greet the ones awaking in the house with a quick hello between key strokes. Good Morning all.


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