10 Oct 14 Purr

Anxiety can be a constant companion after cancer. For some, the thought of cancer is enough to bring on panic attacks. For others, there develops this undercurrent of anxiety that seeps into every day life. When life has it’s changes, you know, normal life stages we all go through, I find that anxiety rears it’s ugly head and tries to drown me in a dark sea of emotion.
There are many techniques to battle this foe. Many choices of armor and weaponry. In the past, I only was really conscious of therapy and psychiatric medications. There are so many more. Think of them as various tools in a tool box. Some work, some don’t, but often you have to dig through your tools to find the right one for the job.
Massage helps the muscles to relax which in turn helps the mind relax. Acupuncture worked amazing for me, which surprised me as I wasn’t very familiar with holistic medicines. Herbs, teas, and aromas help as well. I found that having my favorite smells around, and breathing deeply, helped to bring me to the present surrounding me, and calming me.
The one I turn to the most, my most significant of all of my coping tools, are my animals. To me the best therapy, hands down, is the peacefulness of a cat’s purr. Science is finding that a cat’s purrs have healing properties. Cat’s purrs help them heal themselves. Perhaps they help us to heal too?
It has been proven time and again that having animals in our lives is a benefit, perhaps that benefit is bigger than we know…


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